Membership of the NPO is subject to an audition process. String players are invited to sit on the front desk for a rehearsal following which a decision is made by the leader and string principals as to whether the player will be invited to join the section list for that instrument. Wind and Brass vacancies will usually be a series of audition rehearsals for selected candidates, following which a small number of candidates will be invited to do a trial concert.

There are no Wind & Brass vacancies at present but interested players are welcome to apply to join the extra player & deputies list.  If you would like to be considered please contact the Player Liaison Director (details on the Officers page) in the first instance. 

String numbers are also very healthy at present, and the NPO tends to perform with full sized symphony orchestra sections for most repertoire. We welcome approaches from interested players of suitable standard.

We welcome approaches from percussionists who might be interested in joining our extras list. Please contact the Player Liaison Director (details on the Officers page).


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